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We value our patients' experience at Green Lake Chiropractic Center. 

"Great Job on my back, Great OWNERS!" 

- Scott West

"I had lower back pain. I now have no pain, I feel more loose and more relaxed. Dr. Zach and Dr. Brooke are very professional and helpful."

-Lee Bahr

"Dr. Brooke and Dr. Zach are so nice and kind. Dr. Brooke listened to what my personal situation was and was willing to help or find a way to help if she could not. I really like the way she treated me. It's like no other chiropractor I have ever been to!"

-Judy Reed

"I can actually play with my son and spend quality time with my family. Dr. Zach and Dr. Brooke are very friendly and knowledgeable. Their technique is gently but EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE!"

-James Reed

"Both doctors are very nice and seem like they really want to help you get out and stay out of pain."

-Cameron Gronseth

"I was a competitive wrestler from elementary school through college. I had years of wear and tear. I now have no more stiffness or neck and back pain... Great treatment, by GREAT PEOPLE!"

-Zach Revier

“I have had mid back pain and neck kinks for years. Dr. Brooke was able to make my pain much better before I left the office and she was able to make my neck kink go away. Dr. Brooke is very personable and made me feel like she was listening to my problems. She was very gentle in the way that she handled my neck kink and was very kind through the whole process. I would definitely recommend!”

-Amber Iseman

“I had pain from my upper back and throughout my neck and shoulders and frequent headaches. My shoulders and neck do not feel as tight anymore. I feel like I have more range of motion without pain.”

-Kayce Johnson

“My kids always have trouble falling asleep, after being adjusted by Dr. Brooke they slept the whole night!”

-Matt Farden

“I felt very relaxed and more loose after I was adjusted.”

-Nicole Farden

“I always struggle with high blood pressure. With regular adjustments from Dr. Zach I have better control of my blood pressure!”

-Lynn Peterson

“Dr. Brooke is amazing. As someone who has tension headaches regularly, I know how debilitating it can be to be in pain for most of your day. Through Dr. Brooke’s adjustments, I’ve experienced relief that I’ve never experienced from OTC pain meds. She’s great at what she does and I high recommend!”

-Alphecca Octava

“I came in with L sided neck pain that was causing random headaches. My neck began to feel better after a few treatment sessions with Dr. Brooke and doing some at home therapy stretches. Both doctors at Green Lake Chiropractic are attentive to your needs and seek to restore your health back to an optimal level.”

-Jackson Henning

“The adjustments helped so much! I have noticed a HUGE IMPROVEMENT!”

-Tyler Koch

“I am so glad I went to him. Dr. Zach has helped me so much with my knee pain that the surgery didn’t fix.”

-Zach Romp

“Dr. Zach helped me after I hurt my ankle and shoulder from an accident! I now am pain free.”

-Alec Marxen

“Great people who listen to every detail and provide specific adjustments. I always look forward to seeing Dr. Brooke.”

-Maddie Britton

“I had lower back and stomach pain... I now have no symptoms… Dr. Zach was very confident in his treatments which gave me much hope about my process of healing.”

-Sonny Martusciello



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